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Paid extra for the cheese, see it? It's those 2 little white strands. Paid $9.00 for a beef and small coke...there's other places just as good.

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You are absolutely right sir. I would put more than just a few white strands on that sandwich for you after climax.

In fact i'll do it for the same price too! Can't you sense my sarcasm you whiny retard? Somebody better call the waaaaaambulance, because we have yet another prime example of a lazy neanderthal. However I do have a few tips for you:


Make some time to sit down and realize just how big of a retard you really are.

2.Put cheese on it if its so important too you. In fact i'll even give you the address of your local sperm bank.

3. Realize that no one gives 2-*** about a $9 sandwich enough to post it on a complaints website.

However you obviously do, which leads me to believe you have down syndrome.

If you still feel that your were cheated, bring the sandwich to me. I will be more than happy to put some extra "strands of cheese" on it. I'll even do you the courtesy of melting it. *** while i'm at it, since i feel so bad, i'll add a $3 premium vegetable to it.

Fungus from my taint.

Your reality check has been served. :)

to RealityCheck #1058072

The only reality revealed here is your stupidity.

to Anonymous #1069751

Let me restate the above. COMPLAINIMG ABOUT A $9 SANDWITCH ONLINE IS RETARDED. Better you whiny chode?

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