On Dec. 30, 2012, my husband drove to the newly opened Portillos in New Lenox, IL to purchase a takeout dinner for our family of 5 (4 adults and 1 child).

We intentionally chose this restaurant because we were planning to see a movie and there would be just enough time for us to eat and get to the movies on time, so we needed something fast. It wasn't until my husband returned home that we noticed that our order was missing 3 of the 5 sandwiches! THREE! My husband called and spoke with the manager, who apologized and asked him to return so he could give him the missing sandwiches.

Uh, no. The restaurant was in the opposite direction of the theater and there was no time to do both (especially with the construction on Route 30). Instead, the manager offered to send my husband a gift certificate for the cost of the meal. That was 2 weeks ago and still no gift certificate.

Besides, I don't want a gift certificate, I want a refund.

We paid for a product we never received. We should not have to wait indefinitely to get our money back.

Review about: Portillos Manager.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Portillo's has not hotten one order correct out of 5 drive thru orders.....what is that all about. By now we always check our bags before we drive off. With the quality of the food going down and the $$ going up I think we'll be finding other places to dine,

New Lenox, Illinois, United States #684235

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